Broker ubezpieczeniowy - ubezpieczenia pracownicze, dla firm, d&o

The “Risk Outsourcing” concept

Modern solutions for business

STBU provides quality insurance protection. Using the idea of outsourcing our clients are given adequate terms and scope of insurance, active assistance in compensation-related matters,  save their time and costs and keep the opportunity to focus on their core business processes.

Insurance plans

Dedicated safety

Significantly better terms and conditions as compared to those generally available from insurance companies and other insurance intermediaries. Guaranteed objectiveness during analysis of offers; optimal negotiation of premiums, limits and scope. Creative coverage extensions thanks to unique additional clauses.

IT applications

Advanced tools

Dedicated technological solutions designed for managing insurance processes. 24/7 insurance-related communication, monitoring of premium payments, keeping track of settlement of loss, helpdesk support and on-line reports together with fully supervised data security are among our key IT standards.


Broker ubezpieczeniowy STBU oferuje kompleksowe i dostosowane do potrzeb programy ubezpieczeniowe. Nasza oferta obejmuje ubezpieczenia dla firm i D&O (Directors & Officers). Konstruujemy również dedykowane ubezpieczenia pracownicze dla różnych grup zawodowych.