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Construction projects, despite their already high complexity, are becoming increasingly complicated processes. Negotiations with stakeholders, terrain and geological conditions, as well as financial and human factors, all contribute to this complexity. An investment that requires substantial financial resources necessitates adequate protection. How can this be ensured in such a technically advanced project?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for fully securing the investment process. The multitude of available options and the uniqueness of insurance policies require a detailed analysis each time. However, adequate protection at each stage of the investment process is essential. Understanding all the factors involved is crucial. Therefore, when arranging construction insurance, such as CAR/EAR insurance, a detailed discussion about the entire project is always necessary.

Typical insurance issues with Construction Projects

However, there are also typical challenges that recur among many clients for whom we arrange construction insurance. Unfortunately, investors are increasingly faced with dilemmas such as what to do when a contractor leaves the construction site. Or how to ensure insurance protection when the investment itself is delayed. Additionally, there’s the concern of achieving savings on the investment to offset the rising costs of construction materials.

We address many of these issues with the appropriate insurance program. Through well-arranged policies, we not only enhance the quality of security in typical or legally required aspects. But also influence all stages involved in construction projects.

By offering creative solutions not readily available from insurance agents, we provide investors (both private and municipal) with peace of mind. We educate clients and observe a growing awareness of the importance of protecting the investment process. However, our aim is to create a situation where no investor is forced to remember their insurance policy only when a claim arises.

In our history, we have insured various projects. Including the expansion of the largest oil refinery in Central Europe. The construction of thousands of kilometers of road and rail infrastructure and the protection of complex construction projects, such as arranging insurance for the construction of two of Poland’s largest tunnels and the specialized machinery required for their creation.

We would be happy to assist in protecting your construction investments as well.


Investor Gesture

Typically, it is the contractor who is expected to carry insurance. However, what happens if the contractor goes bankrupt and abandons the construction site? In such cases, the investor is left without any protection for their investment. To address such scenarios, we have devised a solution where the primary insured party is the entity conducting the investment.

Insurance Continuity

Our solutions ensure insurance continuity in the event of a contractor's departure from the construction site. When the policyholder is the Investor, regardless of who performs the work, the investment is always protected.

VAT Savings

The premium for the policy is not included in the offer price, and therefore, the Investor does not incur VAT on it, which is added to the total offer price. For billion-dollar construction investments, this results in significant savings on insurance, amounting to millions.

Confirmed Experience

We have successfully implemented our insurance programs in collaboration with municipal authorities in Wałbrzych, Rzeszów, and Gdańsk. Additionally, in Świnoujście, our solution was utilized for the city's flagship investment, the Świna Tunnel. Thanks to our approach, approximately 900,000 PLN remained in the investor's treasury due to VAT savings, and the total cost of the final policy was reduced by as much as 2 million PLN.

Our brokerage services are utilized by:

  • Local Governments
  • Tailored for investments of local government units.
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Road Construction Contractors

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