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Maritime Industry

Maritime Industry is a wonderful sector with significant importance for the entire country. However, the unique characteristics of the shipping, shipbuilding, and offshore energy markets require special care. In protecting these businesses, including insurance.

Climate challenges and unstable political situations. The ongoing changes, akin to natural disasters, faced by entities in the maritime industry are tumultuous and often ruthless in their consequences. Insurers are increasingly withdrawing from this market. So how can businesses secure themselves, considering evolving regulations, current economic realities, and “standard” maritime risks, while insurers remain passive? How can we ensure that the maritime economy becomes a safe sector?

From the beginning of our operations, we have been assisting shipyards, shipowners, contractors, and other entities in the maritime industry in this process. Therefore, our experience and relationships built over the years enable us to find unconventional solutions. We work closely with the London and Hamburg markets to ultimately obtain good and affordable insurance policies to safeguard our clients’ interests.

Insurance Experience in Maritime Industry

In our 25 years of existence, STBU brokers have provided protection to hundreds of Polish maritime sector companies. After so many years, we understand how extensive the maritime economy is and its insurance needs. Unlike any other insurance broker, we understand that it’s not just insurance for commercial ships, yachts, or fishing vessels. It also includes highly demanding shipyard insurance (including specialized coatings insurance). Or insurance for platforms, drilling rigs, and a range of transportation insurance.

Therefore, thanks to our long-standing commitment, we have already ensured protection for many significant initiatives witnessed by the Polish maritime economy in recent years:

  • We have provided multimillion-dollar compensation for the largest Polish shipyards and shipowners.
  • We arranged the first insurance for offshore oil mining operations in the Baltic Sea in Poland.
  • We provided risk insurance for the construction of floating units for the largest Polish shipyards. Including those associated with the defense industry.
  • We found insurance for drilling platforms for the two largest Polish refinery companies.
  • We introduced a pioneering specification in the tender documents, allowing drilling insurance through public tenders.
Marine Coating Insurance

Our experts set trends in the brokerage market. Their actions today enable insurance guarantees for the performance of coatings, paint materials, and surface protection systems. This groundbreaking insurance in the industry allows for the protection of ships, marine and land structures, bridges, pipelines, and many other investments.


We hail from the seaside, proudly saying that maritime economics are in our hearts. We gather experienced experts who, thanks to their proximity to industry activities, are always readily available to our clients. Whether for consultations, expertise, or in the event of claims settlement.


Our competencies are highly regarded in the industry. We have often served as advisors for large-scale investments. We analyze project documentation and align it with current regulations. We assess risks and calculate the level of insurance protection. We provide optimization proposals for solutions.


Since 1998, we have been ensuring the safety of our 'marine' clients. From the very beginning, we have been actively involved in this sector. We ensure insurance protection for shipyards, shipowners, and contractors. Our experience guarantees extensive knowledge, which we utilize to safeguard our clients' safety through insurance programs.

Our brokerage services are utilized by:

  • Shipyards
  • Polish and foreign shipowners
  • Entities transporting goods by waterway
  • Wind farms
  • Drilling platforms

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