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The pervasive digitization and automation, new regulatory provisions, and increasingly severe labor shortages—these transformations in the transportation industry don’t have to be a problem. They certainly don’t have to adversely affect TSL insurance. In fact, they can be an advantage for companies that adeptly adapt to the new environment.

We understand that business evolution must occur in secure conditions. That’s why we provide insurance solutions that respond to current market trends. Our fully remote tools are updated with every regulatory change, ensuring they serve as excellent knowledge sources for employees. This guarantees swift and meticulous protection for entire operations, selected segments, or even individual transports.

TSL insurance demands modern tools.

Our dedicated team oversees every aspect of protecting transportation companies. Our experts craft solutions tailored to clients’ needs—far removed from standard insurance sales. Effective TSL insurance relies on a thorough analysis of the client’s operations. Their business environment, and anticipation of the risks surrounding their company.

It also needs to keep pace with the industry’s dynamics.

That’s why our transportation insurance experts have established the TSL Risk Service brand. Which aggregates all the most important, modern safety management tools for transportation, shipping, and logistics companies on the website ubezpieczeniaTSL.pl. They publish compelling articles on the practical application of specific products. Showcase case studies to inspire companies to enhance their safety measures.

They also provide tools for independently submitting cargo insurance and offer a straightforward process for reporting claims and receiving compensation.

The website ubezpieczeniatsl.pl

TSL Risk Service is a website dedicated to transportation, shipping, and logistics companies. The service not only provides a compendium of knowledge about insurance essential to the TSL industry but also features articles by experts and the latest information on industry events.

myCARGO System

We have created a platform that streamlines the cargo insurance process. We enable access to insurance offers from insurers who do not have their own online system. myCARGO assesses the cargo value and then issues a certificate, which is immediately available for download. The entire process takes place within the system, including periodic settlements and claims handling.

Online Training

We are building insurance awareness among our clients. We explain and outline the rights and obligations arising from insurance contracts or the claims handling process. We issue a certificate confirming participation in the course and the knowledge gained. And all of this is done in a convenient online format.

Risk Analysis Center

R.A.C. is a modern platform that gathers and processes insurance information. The subject of analysis includes losses and their circumstances, sectoral changes, and other important managerial information. As a result, the system provides detailed information about the market and potential risks. Based on this information, we create a tailored insurance program, simultaneously reducing the cost of insurance.

Our brokerage services are utilized by:

  • Logistics operators
  • Freight forwarders
  • Carriers
  • Manufacturers
  • Warehousing companies
  • Customs agencies

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