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Insurance for sports clubs – 5 reasons why it’s worth creating buying groups

In brokerage activities, we utilize the economy of scale. Our consolidation solutions bring a multitude of benefits to clients, ensuring proper protection for years to come. We work with various groups of insured individuals, and we translate these effects into protection for various industries. In this manner, we also arrange insurance for sports clubs.

What other types of insurance do they use?

  • They protect themselves against claims from third parties by purchasing liability insurance for the club.
  • They also include mandatory liability insurance for the organization of mass events where admission is charged.
  • They ensure proper protection for coaches by obtaining additional liability and personal accident insurance.

The catalog of sports insurance available on the market is very wide. At STBU, we distinguish over 40 different types of products supporting the operations and development of sports organizations.

Clubs are increasingly opting for other interesting solutions. As a result, insurance coverage extensions, such as covering medical treatment costs, are gaining popularity. Programs with financial benefits, medical care, and assistance in cases of cyberbullying are also a good choice. To a lesser extent, products related to the direct financial sphere of clubs and athletes are utilized.

Group Purchasing in Insurance

As an insurance broker, we specialize in offers for groups: associations, societies, federations, and other sports organizations. We indicate what types of insurance should be included in the program and which ones are essential. We negotiate terms based on the knowledge gained during the settlement of sports-related claims. However, we are well aware that the full success of a good program depends on the high participation of the participants. Therefore, the direct involvement of an ambassador for a particular discipline or association leader is crucial.


Ubezpieczenia klubów sportowych
Insurance for Sports Clubs and Events

5 Benefits for Sports from Creating a Group Purchasing Group

  1. Users of centralized insurance models value savings.

Clubs save time searching for insurance on their own. They dedicate these valuable moments to other activities related to running a sports club, such as longer conversations with coaches, meetings with sponsors, or an extra hour to plan a tournament.

  1. Integrated data means greater athlete safety.

Sensitive health data about athletes is often the headline of colorful magazines and the subject of competitors’ interest. Clear insurance management processes within the group regulate the flow of the most sensitive information. A smaller number of people involved in the process means greater discretion. Additionally, standardized claims settlement procedures and enrollment in insurance increase safety.

  1. The more experiences, the better the program.

In an athlete’s life, overloads, fractures, and other accidents unfortunately occur frequently… Therefore, club activity is focused on minimizing the risk of injury. Although we would like to avoid them, we can draw valuable insurance data from them. Aggregated knowledge about events preceding an injury allows for building reliable insurance programs. Athletes know they can count on a standard of protection appropriate to their situation. This, in turn, translates into greater trust in the club and athlete engagement in training.

  1. Quickly and Safely to Achieve Increased Athlete Satisfaction

The primary interest of the purchasing group is to achieve the right quality-to-price ratio. Choosing the right solution provider is a matter of building an image. To be practical and yet long-lasting, experiences with the product must be of the highest level. Providing satisfaction, a sense of stability, building responsibility, maintaining a sports spirit. Therefore, at STBU, programs managed by the organization’s leader are considered the best in terms of quality.

  1. An Additional Player in the Team

Group purchasing groups like brokers, and brokers like group purchasing groups. By using insurance terms negotiated by a specialist, clubs gain a new partner, a quick and reliable source of safety information. They gain a partner who will not only fight for compensation until the last minute but will also advise on securing the stadium for a major event, how to safely build a new facility, or what to pay attention to when signing contracts.

How to Create a Group Offer?

First and foremost, appoint a leader. This is a key role that can be performed by an association, society, federation, or any other sports organization. It is the leader who supports group communication in the process of creating the best conditions and activates its members. Ultimately, this enables the launch of insurance offers for sports clubs.

Our experience shows that the best sports insurance programs are created in close cooperation with representatives of athletes and an insurance broker familiar with the sports world. Therefore, we cordially invite you to cooperate.


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