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According to some sources, alcoholism affects around 700,000 to 900,000 people in Poland. However, the number of Poles who abuse alcohol may be much higher, reaching up to 2 million. This social problem also affects daily work. And the consequences of alcohol abuse in certain positions can be enormous, especially when it comes to driving vehicles. Alcohol locks could be a solution.

Alcoholism – a social problem

In a recent survey by, nearly 400 out of 1,400 surveyed employees confirmed drinking alcohol while performing their duties.

Drinking at work or coming to work under the influence of alcohol is a real problem in many companies. A problem that not only affects the quality and efficiency of work, But, above all, impacts the safety of the employee and those around him.

Alcohol appears among various occupational groups, including corporate employees, machine operators, and drivers. The latter group is particularly concerning as it not only endangers themselves but also other road users.

Unfortunately, previous tools aimed at eliminating such risks have been ineffective.

A possible solution to this problem could be an amendment to the Labor Code introducing the possibility of testing employees’ sobriety by the employer.

This means that as of February 21, 2023, the employer may independently conduct preventive sobriety checks, even if the employee shows no signs of being under the influence of alcohol.

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Alcohol locks – an effective solution

At STBU, we are looking for additional, modern solutions that can help our clients run a safe business.

We also understand the dramatic consequences of driving vehicles or operating machinery under the influence of alcohol.

Therefore, today we share with you a solution offered by our partner – DSP-Safety. Which is alcohol locks permanently installed in the vehicle.

The Interlock system offered by DSP-Safety guarantees safe vehicle or machinery use by requiring the user to perform an alcohol test. The entire test is uncomplicated, automatic, and fast.

If the alcohol concentration exceeds the set threshold, the device reliably prevents the engine from starting. At the same time, it creates and sends an SMS to a selected person.

This system meets all European standards for alcohol locks.

Key benefits

Employee, customer, and cargo safety.

Fewer workplace accidents.

Image of a trustworthy company.

Shorter driving ban (in some cases).

Simple installation

Alcohol lock can be installed in practically any type of vehicle or machine (condition - having an ignition switch). The device operates economically, and minimal power consumption guarantees no negative impact on the operational readiness of the vehicle.

Efficient functionality

An important feature of the Interlock alcohol lock is its rapid readiness for operation. And the short warm-up time translates into time and cost savings. The operating temperature range is from -45°C to 85°C.

Data security

The Interlock alcohol lock not only records basic data but also logs all significant events, such as alcohol measurement execution or refusal, vehicle start-up and shutdown times, and any attempts to tamper with the lock. Special encryption methods protect the data from the moment of registration until retrieval. Access to this data is authorized, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access or manipulate it.

Additional possibilities

The system can be optionally equipped with a camera recording the image of the person being tested, a GPS module, or a mobile data transmission module. The Interlock alcohol lock has up to 6 additional connectors for individual customer requirements.

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