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Cleaning installations and equipment

In larger quantities, dirt and debris can cause damage to components, increase the risk of short circuits, and in extreme cases, lead to fires. They also result in significant energy losses and pose hazards to both workers and the workplace. Therefore, it is crucial for manufacturing companies to prioritize the cleaning of installations and equipment.

Efficient and Effective Solution

Maintaining electrical equipment in proper condition is crucial. However, traditional conservation methods may negatively impact their condition and lifespan.

At STBU, we opt for modern and unconventional solutions. Therefore, we introduce to you an effective and efficient fire risk management tool. This solution is provided by our partner company, 3N Solutions.

Thanks to this, hazardous contaminants will be removed… in a safe manner.

The technique complies with both EU safety standards and the most rigorous environmental protection norms. 3N Solutions adapts to the most stringent OHS and fire protection regulations.

As a result, the gas mixture cleaning method used by 3N Solutions is certified by research bodies for devices operating at voltages up to 1kV (low voltage) and up to 30kV (medium voltage).

Cleaning installations and equipment – positive effects


  • Up to 10x longer working time between inspections.
  • No risk of sudden emergency downtime.
  • Up to 70% lower component replacement costs.
  • Significant reduction in energy losses.
  • Repair of components usually slated for replacement.


  • No risk of fire.
  • Protection of individuals and property in the immediate vicinity.
  • No damage to electronic components.
  • Complete removal of contaminants.
  • Operation under both low and medium voltage.
  • Non-contact method.


  • No need to stop the production line.
  • No need to dismantle components.
  • Short implementation time – efficiency up to 100 m2/day.
  • Removal of contaminants from areas inaccessible to other methods.
  • Earlier detection of faults/failures.

3N Solutions

Our partner offers both periodic cooperation based on a permanent contract and the possibility of carrying out one-time orders.

They also conduct independent audits/assessment of the condition of power equipment. Based on these, a report is prepared containing an analysis of the technical condition of the components. This allows the identification of potential failure locations and provides the opportunity to plan an efficient equipment maintenance process. After the work is completed, this control allows the assessment of the effectiveness of the maintenance activities carried out.

3N Solutions provides its services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If you are interested in cleaning installations or equipment services, please contact STBU via the form below.

Unique formula

Our partner employs an innovative cleaning agent, the main component of which is a specially prepared mixture of gases (nitrogen, carbon dioxide, noble gases).

High efficiency

The mixture reaches inaccessible areas and corners of the components that are not accessible by traditional methods. Upon reaching the contamination and encountering atmospheric pressure, the substance increases its volume by several hundred times, effectively removing even the most resistant and hazardous pollutants to the devices, without interfering with the structure of the components.

Unique Action

Traditional cleaning methods such as using compressed air only blow away dirt from accessible areas and push it into areas that should be particularly free from contamination, such as contacts and busbars. In the case of 3N Solutions, dirt is removed by suction to a filtering absorber. The surface after cleaning is completely clean (confirmed by microbiological laboratory tests).

Complete safety

The gas mixture is completely dry and moisture-free, causing no dampness, engaging in no physical or chemical reactions with the cleaned components, having no abrasive properties, being non-toxic, odorless, non-flammable, and aseptic. It is entirely safe for sensitive electronic components as well as individuals who come into direct contact with it.

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