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Fleet Vehicle Management

Why Invest in Fleet Vehicle Management? Only half of the total cost of owning vehicles in a company (TCO – total cost of ownership) depends on… the company itself. The other 50% of the costs are generated by vehicle users – your employees who use them.

If you don’t control the behavior of drivers properly, you incur additional costs. These include abuses in fuel usage, using vehicles for private purposes, excessive wear and tear on parts and tires, or improper use of assistance services.

It is commonly accepted that insurance accounts for only 14% of TCO. This is the extent to which the standard broker influences the costs of owning a fleet of vehicles. With STBU, you can have control over 100% of the costs associated with company cars. Our fleet vehicle management, executed by our Fleet Risk and Prevention Manager, can help you with this.

We conduct fleet audits, actively participate in the settlement of traffic damage, help optimize repair costs, maintain a driver database, take care of the overall management of your vehicles and their use. Our experts also regularly publish articles with tips on how to improve the safety of company cars.

Fleet vehicle management – case study

One of our clients was looking for savings in the use of their fleet of company cars. The attention of our Fleet Risk and Prevention Manager was drawn to the high costs generated by company fuel cards. Through a fleet audit, he discovered that one of the employees had refueled the company car with 6700 liters of gasoline in a year. Although the position held, job duties, and… the distance traveled by the car did not require the use of such an amount of fuel. Using the company card, the employee also bought windshield washer fluids for PLN 3700 during the year and used a car wash for PLN 1690. In total, he used company funds in excess of PLN 40,000.

As a result of the investigation, it was revealed that the excess fuel was pumped into canisters in the trunk and used for private purposes.

Thanks to the fleet audit, and later the implementation of a strict vehicle use policy – similar situations did not occur in our Client’s company anymore.

Fleet audits

The starting point is to examine the current fleet situation in your company. We schedule a date and send a preliminary questionnaire. Then we arrive on-site and assess the actual state. Each audit concludes with a discussion and implementation of changes that help save on the vehicle fleet.

Active Claims Handling

We go much further beyond the traditional "broker claims handling," which typically involves no more than passing documents. We provide support at every stage of the claim - from reporting through directing to the workshop, arranging assistance, optimizing repairs to claim payment, and then formulating recommendations for improving procedures or modifying the master agreement.

Additional Services

As part of expanding our areas of activity, we offer additional services that, when utilized, improve fleet management efficiency and ensure cost reduction. We tailor these additional services to meet the client's needs and financial capabilities, including: drafting a fleet policy (procedure modification), fleet programs (acquisition of suitable IT tools for archiving vehicle, driver, and cost data), telematics - analyzing needs and implementing a provider tailored to the client's needs.

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