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Our risk assessment audit
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Risk assessment audits are a common practice in the insurance market. Through them, essential information about the client, their activities, and the risks they face is obtained at an early stage of collaboration. The problem with them? In the vast majority of cases… they are conducted by insurers.

STBU Insurance Brokers, as one of the few companies in the insurance brokerage industry, have a Risk Assessment Manager within their structures. This individual is responsible for inspecting our clients’ business premises. Independently of insurers. In the client’s interest. On-site, at their location, not just from behind a desk.

Risk assessment audits are a straightforward path to lower premiums.

Preventive Engineering Support comprises a range of specialized services that help you understand why you may have trouble obtaining a policy. You will also identify key areas for your company’s safety and ways to improve their operation, so that adverse factors do not threaten your finances.

A risk assessment audit conducted by an insurance broker, not the insurer, also entails important recommendations. In our work, we distinguish two types: housekeeping recommendations and recommendations requiring investment. The former can be implemented at no additional cost, sometimes solely through organizational changes. However, many of our clients have gained favor in the eyes of insurers as a result.

Case Study

One of our clients had been struggling to obtain insurance coverage for many years. As part of the Preventive Engineering Support, we conducted a risk assessment audit for them. The final report identified areas requiring immediate improvement. This involved adapting the facility to the then newly amended state regulations. The fire protection report prepared by the expert took into account the Risk Assessment Manager’s input, which resulted in the possibility of obtaining insurance coverage in the next stage.

Initially, none of the insurers were willing to present the client with an insurance offer.

Risk assessment reports

The result of our risk engineer's work is recommendations: regulatory (cost-free) and those requiring financial investment. In the short term perspective, the regulatory ones are crucial. We often encounter situations where companies with commercially acceptable fire protection are negatively assessed due to regulatory and organizational issues. Through our actions, we create organizations that insurers view more favorably when preparing insurance offers.

Thermographic inspections

Risk management includes awareness of the condition of owned equipment and machinery. With technology, we can assess this through thermographic inspections. A thermal imaging camera allows us to identify equipment that may be susceptible to increased loads and the risk of malfunction. Our engineer uses it during audits, or after training, we can provide access to your employees.

Proper estimation of asset value.

The more demanding the economic situation, the greater the importance of proper asset valuation. Inflation affects rising production costs, making it impossible to rebuild a building constructed even in 2020 for the same amount in 2022. Older buildings pose an even greater challenge. At STBU, we have our own engineer responsible for reassessing asset values - with his assistance, you can be sure to ascertain the true value of your buildings, and we will insure them for the appropriate values.

Emergency scenarios, safety instructions

Best practices are one thing, but for insurers and law enforcement, documented processes and procedures are also crucial. We assist our clients in ensuring that all these documents are in order. We review the company's current safety documents, and in case of deficiencies, we help to supplement them according to the highest standards.

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