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Securing Claims (Environmental)

In 2021, the amended Waste Act (Article 48a) came into force. Consequently, companies in the recycling sector, landfill sites, or disposal plants must have claims security in relation to their operations. We have encountered problems many times with entrepreneurs in the waste sector who had great difficulties in obtaining protection. For this reason, to improve their safety, we have developed two solutions!

We have already written more extensively about the possibilities for securing claims in accordance with the latest version of the relevant legislative act in the article:

Securing claims under the Waste Act – alternatives. We invite you to read!

We have noticed that securing claims is a topic that can pose the greatest problems for smaller companies in the waste processing industry. This is due to the fact that until now, the most popular solutions to this challenge were: deposits, bank guarantees, or insurance guarantees. At STBU, we use each of these methods. And each of them, in most cases, proves sufficient for our clients.

However, these solutions also mean that a series of formalities awaits entrepreneurs. And these, in turn, are sometimes too demanding for smaller companies that may not receive such guarantees. Or receive them on financially unfeasible conditions.

Therefore, to ensure claims security for our clients, we use an alternative solution: an insurance policy. We have already successfully implemented this solution in many companies, so we are confident in its practicality.

Waste Companies Insurance

Securing claims is just one element in the very demanding topic of waste companies’ insurance. At STBU, we also specialize in property insurance in industries considered difficult. We find solutions for enterprises that may have difficulty obtaining insurance protection. For companies in the recycling industry, landfill sites, or disposal plants, our solutions are based on three pillars.

Preventive Engineering Support

Even the best policy is not enough without support in the areas of practical application of insurance conditions. This is where visits from our engineers come in, who verify the level of security and adjust them to the absolutely mandatory legal regulations. This affects attractiveness in the eyes of the insurer and has a colossal significance in case of potential damage.

Negotiated Insurance Conditions

We keep our finger on the pulse and know which companies offer insurance protection for entrepreneurs in your industry. We are able to arrange an insurance program that will secure your assets.

Efficient Claims Settlement

This is ensured by our broker-liquidators and legal advisors specialized in compensation processes. Efficient claims settlement allows us to positively verify the quality of the policies we arrange.


Benefits of the claim security policy:

Real Protection

The insurer pays compensation and does not demand a refund. In the case of a guarantee or deposit, a refund of the funds would be necessary.

No Cash Lock-Up

In the case of a deposit, your funds would be locked up. With our solution, you can still have access to cash for running your business.

No Blocking of Credit Limit

In the case of bank guarantees.

Z naszych usług brokerskich korzystają:

  • Local governments
  • Landfills
  • Waste management companies
  • Disposal facilities
  • Recycling companies
  • Dedicated waste processing units of local government units

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