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What company does an insurance broker represent?


“An insurance broker may not: (…) have a permanent contractual relationship with an insurance company, a reinsurance company, an insurance agent or a supplementary insurance agent” – Article 30 of the Law of 15 December 2017 on Insurance Distribution

An insurance broker acts for and on behalf of the Client it represents. It is not affiliated with any insurance company.

The Insurance Brokerage Act clearly indicates that a broker MUST NOT have a relationship with an insurance company. Additionally, the act also enumerates specific prohibitions for a broker, which include:

  • performing agency activities,
  • being a member of the supervisory board of an insurer or being a member of its management board,
  • prohibition to own shares of insurance companies purchased outside the regulated market.

What benefits do our Clients have?

The complete separation of the broker’s activity from the insurer’s activity has great advantages for the entities looking for insurance. It also provides the Client with impartiality and a wide choice of offers.

We always present our Clients with several offers to choose from. We negotiate conditions based on risks characteristic of a given industry and Clients’ financial expectations. A precise and detailed description of all offers is included in the “Broker Recommendation”. This document consists not only of a list of insurance coverage offered by particular insurance companies.

[An insurance broker] shall provide advice based on reliable analysis of insurance products available on the market in sufficient numbers to develop a recommendation of the most appropriate contract, and shall explain the basis on which the recommendation is based.

Article 32 of the Law of 15 December 2017 on Insurance Distribution

Which insurance companies’ offers can you use?

We are not limited to any specific companies or even a group of insurers. We also do not apply territorial restrictions – we have the ability to arrange protection anywhere in the world. When entering the insurance market, we turn first to those insurance companies, which we are sure will be able to meet your expectations in terms of insurance coverage, and the price conditions will be adequate to the offered scope of coverage.

This independence allows us to carry out our most important mission, thanks to which:

We work for you and negotiate with insurance companies


One of our Clients, a recycling plant, was required by its insurer to install a sprinkler system. In case the solution was unilaterally implemented in accordance with the insurer’s will, further activity of the plant would be significantly hampered due to the possibility of unintentional activation of the extinguishing installation. Thanks to our efforts, with a dialog based on technical knowledge and knowledge of available solutions, we managed to negotiate a cheaper and more effective substitute solution. The insurer accepted it.


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In the text, we quoted the Law on Insurance Distribution. You can find the full act by clicking on the underlined link.

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