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Aviation Insurance

The aviation sector is a unique industry characterized by high risk. Additionally, aviation specializations are based not only on Polish legislation but also on international regulations. Conventions, agreements, resolutions, and guidelines from European and global organizations play a significant role. As the industry evolves, these regulations change rapidly, similarly to accidents and incidents, impacting the challenges faced by those in need of aviation insurance.

The selection of firms providing insurance protection in this specialty is very limited. Additionally, this is influenced by the particular reputation insurers hold towards the aviation industry. This is especially evident during the aviation season (summer), when the traffic intensity. Particularly in General Aviation areas—is significantly higher. The damages, or rather compensation amounts, are also enormous (aviation accidents are highly publicized). Therefore, ensuring clients from the aviation industry requires primarily an internal understanding of the industry’s specifics and all the issues it faces.

Aviation Insurance at STBU

STBU guides its clients from the aviation industry through the entire process of securing their interests. We collaborate with both the Polish and London insurance markets. Everything to provide our clients with comprehensive protection for their business operations and assets.

Our goal is not just to arrange insurance; we aim to stand by our clients for the long term, especially in times of adversity when they need us the most.

We handle claims efficiently, utilizing established procedures to translate robust aviation insurance into substantial compensations. Aviation insurance goes beyond protecting aircraft. It encompasses demanding insurance for airports, aviation training centers, companies involved in aircraft technical support. As well as their design and distribution. The aviation sector involves not only the finished product, such as airplanes or gliders. But also the entire process and infrastructure. From production to aircraft maintenance, both technical and related to exciting journeys through the skies. It ensures adequate conditions such as airports, helipads, air traffic control services, and more. All these entities require appropriate insurance coverage.

Aviation insurance is our passion. We provide insurance coverage for operator liability (OC), as well as hull insurance (aero casco) for airplanes and gliders. Whether they belong to companies or individuals. Additionally, we insure other “flying” equipment such as paragliders, microlights, drones, motor gliders, and many more.

Broad Perspective

While most insurance brokers focus solely on aircraft protection, STBU collaborates with all entities involved in the aviation sector. Therefore, we take a broader view of industry safety. We understand all processes and are familiar with every participant in aerial operations. This comprehensive knowledge allows us to better understand our clients' needs compared to other brokers.

Aviation Claims Handling

Flashbulbs, TV cameras, and the involvement of authorities—these are often present in aviation claims. STBU specialists are well-versed in the specifics of investigations conducted by the police, prosecutors, and the State Commission on Aircraft Accident Investigation (PKBWL). This expertise enables us to develop a rational action plan that ensures our clients receive appropriate compensation. We aim to mitigate the consequences of damages that could negatively impact the operations of clients providing services in this sector. With our experts, you'll navigate the stressful claims process smoothly and without disruptions.

Our brokerage services are utilized by:

  • aviation training organizations (ATO)
  • designated training organizations (DTO)
  • regional aeroclubs
  • airports
  • airport and heliport operators
  • technical support organizations
  • handling service providers
  • aviation service providers (SPO, SPO HR)
  • companies involved in design, production, modernization, and maintenance
  • private aircraft owners
  • organizations involved in continuous airworthiness management (CAO/CAMO/AMO)

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